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My dear friends, Tom and Doug, break out this song every so often. It's my one chance at true stardom, so, you know...this is your chance to bask in the insanity as well. 
Here's your very own opportunity to roll your eyes. :- )

Recently, JoAnn, a social media savvy music therapist, was reading Daniel Levitin's book ("The World in Six Songs") and she decided that she too wanted to figure out which six songs reflected her life. Being the fine and interactive blogger she is, she invited the rest of us to come up with our own list of songs.
So. There we all were (we music therapists, I mean) on Twitter, tweeting away, and she reminded me a couple of times, that, um, I hadn't done this yet. 
Okay, so, yes! It's true! I was resisting this exercise, because, I mean- really! Six songs? Only six? That's just cruel! Couldn't I have runner-ups? Or second sixth choices? Or something....? Oy.
Alright, so fine! I think I've finally managed to come to some agreement with myself about at least five of them. I may need to give some more consideration to song #6 because  it still freaks me out a bit to have come up with the complete list and only be 45 years old. I mean, what if it somehow implies that, "now you've come [...]
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I have been obsessing over Joni Mitchell's "Song For Sharon" (not, mind you, that I ever stopped obsessing over Joni Mitchell's music in general- and on principle- since about college, which would be humanahmrf years ago). Here's a video of her performing it live:

In case you'd like to join me in the great obsession (in a music playing kind of way), here's a link to the tuning (yow!), tablature and lyrics. Seriously. About the's gorgeous (first of all), but I almost broke my classical guitar at work trying it out (even modified). It only worked on the Luna (which is steel), and even that poor guitar is having a bit of stress from it. It's not that hard to play though, so if you're a guitar player and have a guitar that can handle insane tunings, I say go for it!
I'm wondering if there are any other of you out there who use classical guitars and mess around with tunings. How do you keep your guitar/strings peaceful and happy?

Music I Love 12/26/10

Posted on December 26, 2010
Seasons greetings, kind folks! It occurs to me (yes, a bit belatedly) that I haven't spent enough time inviting you to listen to music I love, and that would be a terrible shame, because there's so darned much wonderful music for us all to obsess over, is there not?
I mean, I'm sure it's always obvious, when we listen to various songwriters, who their beloved songwriters are because elements of the songs they've been engaged with emerge in all sorts of ways in the music they write. 
So here you have it: installment #1 of Music I Love. 
Here are a few things I've been listening to of late (and loving!):Chicago  "(I've Been) Searching So Long" (I have them on vinyl, but not on CD, so I went and borrowed a CD from the library so I could hear them again. It has been glorious re-visiting their music.) And, while I'm at it, go listen to "Make Me Smile" as well. 
Dan Fogelberg "Song From Half Mountain" (What. A. Gorgeous. Song. And that is all I have to say about it.) [...]
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She's alive!

Posted on March 18, 2010
I have been absolutely in slow motion with regard to blogs in the past couple of months. Here's the thing: I had an incredible amount of pain and needed emergency surgery. I am, happily, on the road to recovery and feel much (much) better now. 
I've learned a few important things while I was down for the count though. One is that my neighbors are incredible! They checked in on me, ran errands for me, offered to cook for me and to just sit with me if I needed. In fact, people came out of the very woodwork to offer their help. I am humbled and most grateful (as trite and un-original as that may sound). 
The other thing I discovered is that when you recover from surgery, that's pretty much all you can do. You just...sit there...and...recover. You can't read.  You can't play guitar. You can't do much other than watch television. And I have to say I wasn't that big of a fan of television before my surgery, and I'm no bigger of a fan now. Although i do have a secret affection for [...]
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